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Cecilia's Poem

My friend Cecilia is a talented poet, so I insisted on showcasing some of her work. Most of her poems were about some dork she fell madly in love with, but not all of them, thank goodness! So here is Cecilia's poem and an introduction from the poetess herself.


Okay people, this is my poem. It has two parts. The first is about a man (you can use your imagination and say he is a knight in shining armor) who falls in love over night with a beautiful "Fay" or fairy (you know a la "Belle Dame Sans Merci but in this poem she doesn't even give him the time of day). It is called By the Bay of Star Crossed Lovers because it all takes place by a beautiful bay surrounded by a forest. The man dies there and in the second part of the Poem, the fairy is old and lamenting his loss in the same spot while she explains what happened to a visitor from a far away land. The fairy at the end is sad (sad? Can you say "weak adjective") because she passed up her chance with the man. Note: in the second part "eternity" is death. Any further questions? E-mail me at Enjoy!

By the Bay of a Star-Crossed Lover:
Part 1: His Plight

Left to bleed the lover stayed,
Alone to rot in slow decay.
Could he find a hymn to pray?
Shan't there be another way?
In a pool of blood he lay,
By the tranquil shining bay,
Too much pain the world does weigh
On he who seeks that lovely Fay
Whose sole response is that of nay.
No more laughs will he display,
No more feasts in merry May.
As he tries to bring delay
To rendering that costly pay.
For this love that lasts one day,
>From his heart shall never fade.

By the Bay of the Star Crossed Lovers:
Part II: Her Plight

Day dreams of what was once and now could be
Haunt her mind and grief do cede
Will her soul from him be freed
To quench her aching, burning need?

"So you dare to come ask me:
'Have you had a love like he?
One that spins your calm blue sea?
Or one that holds your heart's true key?'
Without knowing that my "he"
I have lost to the charms of she
The one who stole my rejectee,
That radiant dame: eternity."

Do you know where he could be?

"Sh- for as we speak we just may see
The shadow of his memory
As a phantom by the trees
Or through the Blowing autumn breeze…

Yes I had a love like he
One that strived and hoped to be
The one to fill my heart with glee.

But my young mind longed to be free
So I disowned his love for me
I ripped his heart." So said she
That unique nymph: the cruel fairy.