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Homer in his favorite spot


Homer Simpson. He's many things to many people: a father, a devoted husband (yeah, right!), a semi-alcoholic, and a nuclear plant safety-inspector failure. His full name is Homer J. Simpson, although I not quite sure what the J stands for. His perennial uniform includes a white short-sleeved and blue pants, and he weighs 239 pounds. The reason I made this page purple is because Homer loves donuts, especially the kind with a double glaze and purple stuff in the middle. Remember: "Mmmm...purple".

Favorite foods: Anything fried, covered in chocolate, or consisting mainly of fat and sugar.
Favorite drink: Why, Duff beer, of course!!
Favorite music: Classic rock, especially Grand Funk Railroad, Bread, etc.
Favorite thing to do: Drink beer and watch T.V.
Strengths: Lots of sensitivity, good sense of humor
Weaknesses: Bad temper, scratches himself with his keys, belches too much, compulsive overeater, wipes his nose on the towels and then puts them back, etc., etc., etc. But hey, who are we to judge?

So that's it. If you have any good Homer-related info. you feel is worthy of this page, send it to me here.Thanks.

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