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Learning HTML

is so easy. When I first wanted to make my own webpages using HTML, I checked out a few of those big HTML books from the library. They were out-of-date, boring, and hard to understand. There are tons of better resources on the web that can help you learn basic, intermediate, and advanced HTML as well as cool stuff like Javascript. So I have compiled a list of HTML help pages that can aid you in your webpage-making-process.

This is the best site I know of. It is comprehensive and easy to understand. I have used Annabella's page a lot while making my pages.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Simply HTML

Surfin the Web w/ Willem Jonkman

Uncle Murder

Page Design Resource



JavaScript for the Total Nonprogrammer

Yahoo HTML Links

Get the picture? There are hundreds of useful HTML help sites out there, so go explore. Here are some places where you can get free web space.

Of course, I highly recommend Tripod. You get an astonishing 11 MB of space for free, which is a LOT. I haven't even used up 1 MB with all of these pages. Tripod also offers great resources and tools like Pods.

Gee, if you like being forced to put your page into annoying little categories and not getting much space, then go to Geocities.

Also try:

Fortune City