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Shhhh...did you hear that?

I happen to love music, which is kind of irregular in this society. Most of the Induhviduals out there go for the image of a group; they follow the fad. Which sucks--there are so many talented musicians out there that deserve recognition and admiration who never get it. The point of this page is to introduce you, my attentive web audience, to my personal music favorites and link to some sites that support (or even obssess over) them. I will also keep a list of bands, groups, musicians, whomever...that I believe to SUCK, and I'll tell you why. So if I offend anybody out there, tough luck. The general population of Induhviduals needs to hear the cold, hard truth about their favorite musicians and to wise up and see that they've been brainwashed by the music industry. So there.

I don't really know if anyone cares what concerts I've been to, but I'm going to list them anyway. Not that I've been to that many. Don't worry, there will be more soon.
Just to warn you...I enjoy almost all types of music. I don't really favor today's country music, and I don't go for gangsta rap too much. Other than that, you can find me listening to pretty much everything. Punk, alternative (even though that's a term I hate), folk, alt-country (there's another terrible label), classic rock, classical, pop, trip-hop, and space-inspired rock (Read: Radiohead) all have a place in my music collection. Hell, I even like opera. So here are some links to my favorite bands, musicians, groups, etc.. Don't worry if you've never heard of them; I can assure you that they are all great. Take my word for it!

  1. The Presidents of the United States of America--Don't dare laugh at me for this one; EVERYONE'S FIRST CONCERT IS AN EMBARASSMENT TO THEM LATER!!

  2. Rage Against the Machine--Kicked ass

  3. Foo Fighters--It was pretty cool

  4. Rockfest--A big waste of my time

  5. Various local shows--Can we say, free admission?

  6. Radiohead--The best, the best, the best concert ever. A rare treat

  7. Bedhead--Good and mellow, but I had to leave too early to see most of it

  8. Ben Folds Five--A rockin good time, but some tall guys stood in front of me so I couldn't really see the band

I think that's all. If you went to any of them, tell me about it.

Local Bands

The ORCHiD Homepage--A high school punk trio in Dallas; Hi Matt and Alex!
Provolity--A Lake Highlands band.
Tripping Daisy
Radish--A Greenville-based band.
Deep Ellum homepage--Info. on the Deep Ellum area, plus tons of local band links.

Radiohead Links
At Ease: A Radiohead Site
Radiohead: Nobody Does It Better
Radiohead--Warning: this is the extremely weird and cool official site.

Portishead Links
The Official Portishead Site
The Unofficial Portishead Site

Sleater-Kinney (an all-chick punk trio) Links
The Sleater-Kinney Obssessive Fan Page
List of Sites in S-K Webring

Tori Amos Links
There are simply too many sites out there on Tori, so here is a list of some of them. The List

Ben Folds Five Links
The Official Site
Ben Folds Five
Ben Folds Five: A Figment of Reality

Ani Difranco Links
Duncan and Michelle's Ani Difranco Page
Absolute Ani
Sarah's Ani Page

Old 97s Links
The Official (and Best) Old 97s Site

And now, please visit my Bands-That-Suck page


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